#4. Odessa


Meteorite Name: Odessa
Found: 1922
Classification: Iron, IAB-MG
Shock Stage: –
Weathering Grade: –

Mass: to be measured
Characteristics: Individual
Acquired from: John Humpries (IMCA #9247)

Figure 1. Seller provided image of the Odessa meteorite

Originally, my “Odessa” iron meteorite purchased as a condition of a tumbled individual that around 1 gram. However, three years ago I decided to ground and electropolish them to observe their microstructure with EBSD(Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction, Microstructural mapping technique that utilizing Kikuchi electron diffraction pattern) technique.

Figure 2. Sliced – Ground – Electropolished Odessa meteorite specimen.

The ground meteorite was electropolished with Perchloric acid solution at a low temperature. Unlike a usual etching technique using ferric chloride(FeCl) solution, the aim of this method is focused to remove residual stress that introduced during grinding procedure.

Below is EBSD structure of the Odessa meteorite. Different color means they possess different crystallographic orientation.

Figure 3. EBSD analysis result of Odessa meteorite. Thin Neumann band(deformation twinning) is clearly observed in the image.


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